“Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day!

Today, we celebrate the resilience and spirit of our language warriors who fought to preserve and continue to fight for our languages. We honour those who carried their languages through adversity and trauma, those who are on the journey to fluency, and those dedicated to language work in every Nation and community.

Indigenous peoples are invaluable contributors to this nation. Our skills, creativity and worldview shape our language revitalization journey. In all fields – from the arts to academia – Indigenous people are forging paths, igniting inspiration, and working hard to strengthen our languages.

The revitalization of Indigenous languages is a shared endeavor, requiring the commitment and support of Indigenous peoples as well as many allies. Every Canadian can contribute – not only today, but every day. We encourage you to listen to and elevate the voices of Elders, knowledge keepers, language learners, speakers and experts. We also encourage you to get involved in supporting Indigenous language revitalization and learning about the state of our languages.

Together, we can find healing, inspire others, and ensure Indigenous languages flourish in the light and never in the shadow of others. Together, we can build a future where Indigenous languages are cherished, honoured, and protected, where meaningful reconciliation can be achieved. Together, we envision a future where every Indigenous language is safe, vibrant, and thriving.

As you participate in celebrations and festivities today, listen to the languages around you. Each one stand as living proof of the resilience of Indigenous peoples. Languages carry the legacy of our survival, of our identity, and of our distinct cultures. And that, alone, is worth celebrating.


– Commissioner Ronald Ignace