As we commemorate National Indigenous Languages Day on March 31st, the Office of the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages proudly stands alongside Indigenous peoples in their efforts to reclaim, revitalize, strengthen, and maintain their languages.

Indigenous languages are at the heart of who we are as Indigenous peoples and a fundamental aspect of how our worldview, culture and identity is expressed and passed on to future generations.

With the United Nations General Assembly declaring 2022-2033 the International Decade of Indigenous languages, now more than ever, we have an opportunity to work collaboratively to not only draw attention to the critical loss of Indigenous languages but to take concrete action to preserve and promote them. All Indigenous languages in Canada are at risk and this work cannot be delayed.

We acknowledge the undaunted spirit and determination of the many language champions, Elders, youth, and their allies, who inspire hope and underscore the importance of Indigenous languages.

Looking ahead, the Commission envisions a future where all Indigenous languages in Canada are safe, vibrant, and thriving. On this National Indigenous Languages Day, let us all reaffirm our commitment to supporting Indigenous peoples in the reclamation, revitalization, strengthening, and maintenance of their languages so that no language is left behind.