The Act establishes the Mandate and Powers, Duties and Functions of the Commission.

Broadly, the Commission is mandated to:

  • Help promote Indigenous languages;
  • Support the efforts of Indigenous peoples to reclaim, revitalize, strengthen, and maintain their languages;
  • Facilitate the resolution of disputes and review complaints;
  • Promote public awareness and understanding about Indigenous languages;
  • Support innovative projects and the use of new technologies in Indigenous language education and revitalization, in cooperation with Indigenous governments and other Indigenous governing bodies, Indigenous organizations, the Government of Canada and provincial and territorial governments; and,
  • Undertake research or studies related to funding to support Indigenous languages and the use of Indigenous languages in Canada.

Part of the Commission’s annual reporting requirements is to report on the use and vitality of Indigenous languages in Canada and the adequacy of funding provided by the Government of Canada for Indigenous language initiatives.

It is important to note that the Commission is not a funding agency and is independent from Government.

Photography source: Jerome Cartworks

A traditional, two-wheeled wooden cart used by the Métis to transport goods, often referred to as a Red River Cart, rests on the grass in front of some trees.