On March 31st, the Office of the Commissioner of Indigenous Languages joins Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples alike in celebrating this National Day of Indigenous Languages and in honouring the diverse and unique first languages of the lands now known as Canada. Indigenous languages are national treasures that contribute to the diversity and richness of the linguistic and cultural heritage of this country.

The Commission wishes to acknowledge, particularly in this International Decade of Indigenous Languages, the steadfast and tireless commitment and efforts of Indigenous Peoples and allies in their work to revitalize, strengthen, and maintain languages that continue to be at risk. There are many inspiring stories from Indigenous communities in different parts of Canada where the important work of reclaiming and normalizing the use of Indigenous languages is taking place. This gives us hope and shows that given the right resources, institutional support, and dedication, we can revitalize our languages and restore them to their rightful place in communities and in this country.

As we envisage an ideal future, the Commission looks forward to the day when all Indigenous languages are safe, vibrant, and thriving.