Georgina Liberty,

Georgina Liberty has devoted her life to preserving, protecting and cherishing her Metis identity and spirit. In her teens, she worked as a researcher for the Manitoba Metis Federation, tracing the Metis land script. She has been an active member of the Manitoba Metis Federation since 1969, and is currently the Director of Metis Nation 2020 – Metis 150 for the Metis National Council, which marked Manitoba’s 150th anniversary and the historic role of Louis Riel in bringing Manitoba into Confederation.

This position allowed her to commit to her passion of educating others about the history of the Metis people and their important role in the building of Manitoba and its relationship with Canada.

Georgina’s diverse work experience includes employing and engaging Metis, First Nations and Inuit peoples in opportunities to build on their strengths and to progress in business, leadership and governance opportunities.

Georgina has many years of experience in governance and policy, and acquired political acumen working for the Metis government within the Manitoba Metis Federation for over 20 years, as well with other Indigenous organizations.

Georgina believes her strength in bringing others together has garnered the wonderful grassroots relationships she has today.

She believes that the desire to preserve, protect and strengthen identities as Indigenous Peoples is a thread that weaves all Indigenous Peoples together in a fight to have their rights recognized, protected and respected.

Her lived experience as a Metis woman in Western Canada and the leadership role her father exemplified in the community have provided her an amazing life experience and enriched work history. Her strength comes from her proud Metis family and her four beautiful grandchildren.